The Future of the Forex Industry

Forex trading offers traders a continuous income stream if successful. The industry has changed significantly over the years and is expected to continue in the coming years. Let us take a look at the potential trends that could happen in the currency market.

Stricter Regulations

Major European regulators are starting to take serious steps to tighten control over the industry. New rules now forbid bonus programs. While some companies move their business to some loosely regulated jurisdictions to keep clients, some large brokers adjust their business to meet the requirements set forth by regulators and abide by the new rules.

Cryptocurrency Boom

Cryptocurrency will be the next big thing. Robert Janitzek reveals that more and more people are getting lured by the cryptocurrency boom. As digital currencies continue to become popular, traders can expect to get more profits that they will never make on other financial markets. Bitcoins have reached a historic high and this trend is likely to continue.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology will change the world in the next 5-10 years. It will pave the way for a new level of cooperation between parties which could result to improved trading conditions. Cryptocurrencies are already available in many well-known companies and virtual currencies are expected to follow suit.

Civilized Trading

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there is now a trend towards civilized trading. Small brokerage companies are being ousted from the market. Also, traders are now becoming picky with their choice of broker. They are now looking at proprietary technologies and convenient products and services rather than bonuses or rebates.

Social Trading

Social trading is especially useful for beginners. With these services, traders can share the results of charts and trading signals. This allows even those who do not have enough trading experience can make transactions as though they were experienced traders.

Algorithmic Trading

With algorithmic trading, traders will be able to create their own trading robots without any programming skills. When trading in the forex market, this will help automate most of the routine activities and control technical aspects and details.

More Transparency in Monitoring

As regulations continue to change, traders can expect a brand new transparency in monitoring markets, disclosure of information, and improved competition.

Consolidation of Market Players

As legislative pressure increases, expect market players to consolidate their forces. Small brokers will leave the European market for offshore jurisdictions.

These trends will shape the future of the foreign currency market. Traders must be ready to embrace possible changes in the market to increase their chances of success.

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