The Definitive Guide To Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoins spearheaded the cryptocurrency revolution with its introduction in 2009. Since then, cryptocurrencies has given potential traders an opportunity to make money by trading different kinds of digital currencies. Bust just like stocks and forex, becoming successful can be a little tricky. Trading on cryptocurrencies requires some kind of strategy on your part. To help you get started with cryptocurrency, here are some tips you can consider.

The Power of Cryptocurrency

It is worth noting that cryptocurrencies are commodities and not stocks. It is a decentralized market which means that it cannot be closed down or manipulated easily. While they also have prices, cryptocurrency is fundamentally different. The only thing similar between stocks and digital currencies is the exchange.

Determining a Strategy

There are different strategies that can be used with cryptocurrency. It will all boil down to your trading style. For instance, some traders would want to buy or sell often. When involved in cryptocurrency trading, others prefer day trading. The general rule of the thumb is to hold for as long as you can to lessen the risks. This stock trading strategy can also be applicable to cryptocurrencies. However, there may also be times when you just have to cut and run.

Initial Investments

Like stocks, your chances of success in cryptocurrencies can be impacted by sudden pricing changes. This could reduce your reliance on a single point of entry. This may force you to buy or sell frequently. However, by increasing your cryptocurrency investment over time, you reduce the desire to buy or sell often. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends sticking to your instincts but not ignoring the others.

Hedging Your Bets

There are exchanges that allow short orders. By hedging your bets, you can place on either side of the cryptocurrency’s price movement. Hedging can make you more confident to place bets in a long position. It caters to any level of risk.

Trading Alternative Coins

While Bitcoins are the most popular digital currency, we still cannot ignore the power of altcoins. While they are prone to public speculation, their smaller market caps are more prone to larger swings in pricing. Each altcoin has a purpose and intent and they cater to different niches. Robert Janitzek says that although it can be risky to invest in altcoins, there are also large rewards. Some of them are more stable but others are prone to fluctuations.

The bottom line is that all your strategies will mean nothing if you do not appreciate the power of the cryptocurrency.

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