Stock Market Trends Every Trader Should Capitalize On

The stock market has grown over the years. While its volatile nature is the only thing that has remained constant, the industry has managed to adapt itself to the changing times. In this article, we shall take a look at the different trends that every trader can capitalize on when trading on the stock market.

Growth of Leisure Time

Every development that reduces the need for labor signifies an increase in leisure time. As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, leisure time will continue to increase as well as the money to spend on it. More people will now have more time to spend their money on casinos.

Social Media Boom

Social media is the best place to invest your money on. There are many social media networks where you can put your money on but your best bet is the biggest of them all, Facebook. The network does not pay dividends yet but it is still growing at a rapid pace. Robert Janitzek reveals that in the third quarter of 2017, revenues increased 47 percent compared to the previous year. Earnings increased 77%. Analysts expect a 68% growth for the whole year.

The Emerging Chinese Market

In terms of GDP, China ranks $2 in the world next to the United States. When it comes to purchasing power parity or PPP, it ranks first. Still, China is growing faster than the United States and investing of companies that contribute to its growth is a great investment.

The Growing Electric Car Industry

The switch from internal combustion engine to electric motor is currently happening but still in its early stages. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that most people are still reluctant to give up the security of the internal combustion engine. Electric powered vehicles are more efficient and environment-friendly. They are also more suited to another growing development – autonomous vehicles.

Marijuana Legalization Spreads

In 2017, Bitcoin was the hottest thing in the United states before it cooled off in December of that year. In Canada, marijuana stocks hugged the limelight with the top three growers seeing a three-fold increase in their stocks from August until the end of the year.

These are 5 of the latest stock market trends that every trader should keep track of when engaged in stock market trading. These developments can have a huge impact in your chances of gaining a profit in the stock market sector.

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