How To Find Stocks To Buy And Invest On

Investing on stocks provides a lucrative source of income. Learning stock market trading is not easy. There are a lot of things you have to understand and one of them is where to find stocks to buy. This article will serve as a guide on selecting stocks to buy.


In this method, you attach the stock page to a flat wall. From 10 feet away, you throw a dart at it. Whatever stock name the darts hit, it will be the stock that you will buy. You can also close your eyes and use your finger as a dart. While it does not require much work, it is also not highly recommended.

Hot Tips

Robert Peter Janitzek says that In this method, you seek the advice of someone to buy a stock which you think will not miss and likely to increase in the next 48 to 72 hours. That person could be your best friend, father, or uncle. But if that person is involved with the company in question actually knows something, then be suspicious and do some investigation.

Educated Tips

This is similar to the second tip only the advice comes from investment or financial advisors, fund managers, and other professionals. These people may have done a great deal of research so their opinions may be valid. While their opinion about the recommended company may have changed, tips from the professional may be better than from someone else, suggests Robert Janitzek.

Broker’s Buy List

Full-service brokers can also be a good recommendation about what stocks is worth buying and investing on. The recommendations will come from analysts at their head office who study companies and group of companies who provide signals based on their findings. They are then placed on a buy list and sent out to brokers. The companies on the list can make a good investment portfolio.

Do Your Own Research

Here the stocks you choose to buy will be based on your impression of the company issuing it. Your impression is based on the fact that you have done your own research about the company.

When trading on the stock market, it is important to gather information about the companies you intend to buy. There are many source materials available at your disposal so keep your eyes and ears open. Keep track of the company you have in mind, check figures, and others. Investing on stocks is a good source of income if you know which company to buy and invest on.

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