7 Benefits of Paper Trading

When starting out in stock market trading, you might be cautious about making that first trade. As a beginner, you first need to practice and master your strategies. Paper trading gives you the opportunity to practice buying stocks. Here are some of the benefits that you can derive from paper trading.

Paper trading is a simulation for practicing buying and selling without involving real money. It uses a spreadsheet and some simple formulas. In paper trading, you simply have to enter the tickers, prices, and any changes that occur. A better way to go about with paper trading is to do it electronically. Here are some of the benefits of paper trading.

Online Trading Platform

Robert Janitzek has revealed that online trading platforms have made paper trading without committing real money easy. There are many of them available in the market so you just have to choose the right one for your trading style.

No Risk Trading

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of paper trading. It is understandable that you will be nervous or unsure when starting out. With paper trading, you will gain confidence. You can experiment all you want because you will not be losing money. You can explore different avenues of investing and see which is right for you.

Learn As You Go

As a trader, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that there will be different terminologies that may be overwhelming and confusing for you at first. Paper trading allows you to understand them better. For example, terms like limit orders, market orders, stop-loss limits, quantity, and price will pop up when you place your first order.

Stress Free

In paper trading, fear and greed is removed from the equation. For this reason, you can focus on the job at hand and learn how to make better trading decisions.


One of the most important traits you will learn from paper trading is confidence. As a beginner, you may have doubts about investing. Practicing trading on the stock market through a simulator can help you become confident in your investing ability.

Ability to Make Mistakes

Paper trading helps us learn from our mistakes. Every investor makes mistakes but it is their ability to learn and bounce back from these mistakes is what’s important. With a simulator, you can have an insight in what strategies work and does not work.

Test Different Strategies

More importantly, paper trading can be a venue for testing different trading strategies. There are different strategies out there and it can be daunting to find the right one that suits your personality. This is where paper trading can be of help.

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