5 Trends That Will Shape The Stock Market

The stock market is a very lucrative industry. When done right, it offers the trader an opportunity to make huge profits. Trends have dictated the success and failure of trades over the years. 2018 will be no different. Here are 5 trends that will rock stock market trading in the future.

Growth of Leisure Time

This trend goes back centuries ago through different kinds of revolution—digital, electronic, industrial, agricultural, and others. As the demand for labor decreases, we are going to see growth in demand for leisure. Even as we see a world of artificial intelligence, there will be growth in leisure time as well as money to spend for it.

A Bigger Social Media

Social media continues to grow and it will impact the stock market. While there are potential contenders for social media investments, your best bet is still Facebook. While it is not paying dividends yet, Robert Janitzek reveals that it is growing too fast. FB was recommended back in 2013 and since then profits have exceeded 360%.

The Growth of the Chinese Economy

China currently has the second largest economy next to the US in terms of GDP. But in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), China is actually first. Its economy is growing faster than the United States. Any fast-growing company that contributes to the growing Chinese economy is a great investment. One of these companies is GDS Holdings. It is still not well known but since its entry, stocks for GDS has more than doubled.

The Growth of the Electric Car Industry

The transition from the internal combustion engine to electric motor is taking place. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that it is still in its early stages. The truth of the matter is that people are still reluctant to give up the internal combustion engine that they have been accustomed to. Electric cars, however, are more efficient and environment-friendly.

Tesla Motors is at the forefront of this movement but still far from an undiscovered company. Still it can be a great investment if you have a big profit.

Marijuana Legalization

In 2017, Bitcoin was the hot trend until it cooled down in December. Now, marijuana stocks are taking the limelight. The main difference between bitcoin and marijuana is that the value of the latter is easier to determine. In addition, marijuana has a much higher value when trading on the stock market than coins per pound and the market is growing much faster.

Watch out for these trends as they will determine the future of the stock market.

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