5 Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes By Novice Traders

If you are a rookie trader in the world of cryptocurrency, you cannot help but get excited about your income prospects. But your excitement can get the better of you that you can make costly mistakes which could hurt your chances of gaining profit. Here is a guide to the top mistakes you need to avoid when trading on cryptocurrencies.

Diversifying Too Quickly

In the trading world, traders are told not to put their eggs in one basket. But diversifying too soon is a huge mistake. There are so many altcoins nowadays that you do not know which one is legitimate and which one is not. Do your research on the different coins first. Focus on the ones with high market capitalizations and trading volumes and has shown longevity. Of course, start with Bitcoins and then one or two other coins until you have gotten some experience on those coins.

Spending Too Much Time Trading

While this may sound counterintuitive, it is also likely to end up making less profit by trading continuously. Robert Peter Janitzek says that new crypto traders are passionate about trading cryptocurrencies to the point that they wake up watching price fluctuations and look for the perfect trade and become exhausted quickly. Be wise when trading digital currencies. Even if you miss on a potential profit, there are others that will come.


The world of cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. For a novice trader, it can create a lot of uncertainties which can cause them to panic and worry. Making trading decisions out of panic and fear can be disastrous.

Falling For Scams

The digital currency world is growing so fast that some currencies might not be a good long-term investment. Robert Janitzek advises that you should be cautious when investing on new coins. It will help keep you away from possible scams. You could watch all your investments disappear overnight.

Selecting The Wrong Exchange

Just as the number of altcoins is growing so is the number of exchanges where you can trade. Not all exchanges are created equal so do your research first. Better yet, trade cryptocurrencies on long standing and reliable exchanges to be safe.

As a novice trader, you can easily become excited about the prospect of making a huge income. Keep your cool. Do not be caught in panic and fear. Cryptocurrency trading can be a lucrative career as long as you do it right. Take your time when navigating the murky waters of the digital currency world.

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