How To Get Started With Futures Trading

Investing on the futures market can give potential traders a vehicle for getting a steady income stream. However, in order to get started with trading on the futures market, there are certain tools that you will need. So read on and be guided on how to get started with futures.

Set A Risk Capital

The futures market, just like forex and stocks, is a risky one. For this reason, you should only be trading with risk capital. This represents money that you can afford to lose without affecting your lifestyle. Once you have accumulated the money and have learned about the market, it is time to proceed to the next step.

Self-Directed, Broker-Assisted, or Managed?

One of the most difficult aspects of futures trading is understanding your own skill set. Robert Janitzek explains that these are the questions you need to ask yourself: What are your qualities as a trader? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you cut out for day trading or more into swing-trading?

Execution of Trading Platforms

Not all trading platforms are created equal even if they look similar. Your choice of platform will depend on the platform where you are executing on. For instance, there are platforms that only trade in Asian markets while others can handle several markets. You should clear this out with a futures broker.

Patience, Tolerance, and Trading Psychology

The futures market is not something that you can understand overnight. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that it takes years of preparation and research. Trading in futures requires patience on your part. Another important thing you need to learn is proper trading psychology. This means that you should learn how to differentiate pain tolerance, denial, responsible targets, and greed. You should learn how to develop a mindset of learning how to stop when it is time to step away from the computer.


Getting started in the market can be a daunting task. You first need to learn the tools of the trade without risking any money. You can this through paper trading. This is a method wherein you first mimic the trades until you become comfortable to start with futures trading. Develop mastery on certain areas first then expand into other types of markets when you feel that you have already mastered them.

Trading in futures can be daunting but lucrative. There are different markets where you can be successful. With proper research and training, you will become successful in the market.

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