5 Best-Looking Cryptocurrency Software Wallets

Trading on crypocurrencies gives people an opportunity to make a steady income. However, just like regular currencies, it poses a risk to the trader. For this reason, you need to protect your currency from being hacked by criminal elements. Software cryptocurrency wallets provide this security to your account. Let us take a look at some of the best software wallets in the market.


Mobi is available to mobile users around the world. It features an elegant yet clutter-free user interface. It allows easy conversion of Bitcoin balance to many different currencies, all of which are shown in one screen. It is the perfect software wallet for the novice Bitcoin user. Robert Janitzek reveals that it also allows sending of Bitcoins to all contacts through the wallet.


The fact that it is available for mobile devices makes Waterhole more secured. It is packed with a lot of features such as a built-in marketplace. At the moment, it supports both ZCash and Bitcoin.


Coinomi is one of the few multi-currency wallets that is both pleasing to the eye and user-friendly. Currently, it supports Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and other currencies. Some of its outstanding features include its bright colors and user-friendly approach to cryptocurrency wallet. It also comes with a built-in exchange service. One-time backup lets you keep everything accessible and secure using just one super-passphrase. Using advanced technology, you can use altcoins to pay directly to a Bitcoin address and vice versa.


Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that one software wallet that is gaining attention as of late is Exodus. It is feature-rich, vibrant, and clutter-free. It is the epitome of what people expect from a cryptocurrency wallet. It is designed for people who have never used an exchange in mind. It wraps solid engineering in a beautiful design. With ShapeShift, you can trade between 38 crypto tokens and currencies. It does not require user accounts, registration, or other kinds of identification.


Jaxx is downloadable on 8 platforms. It is the top choice of Bitcoin users and cryptocurrency traders worldwide for its security, privacy, and simple yet powerful features. When engaged in cryptocurrency trading, it can be used immediately for free without any registration or sign up for any service. It uses a 12-word Masterseed for managing your private keys to your bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain assets.
These are just 5 of the best software cryptocurrency wallets that you can consider when trading cryptocurrencies.

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